Sneeze Guards / Counter Protection

We are a UK Manufacturer of acrylic counter protective screens. Our screens have been traditionally used as sneeze guards by discerning businesses in a food counter or cafe environment but are needed now more than ever before. We can provide bespoke counter protector solutions to suit your needs.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)
We are all painfully aware of how important hygiene and protection is for us to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Our amazing keyworkers include staff behind counters at supermarkets, pharmacies and hospital administrators, face to face with customers multiple times a day. Customers are also concerned when forced to visit food shops and pharmacies, so they need equal counter screen protection. We’re on a mission to help protect everyone in positions where they just can’t stay far apart from people in order to do their jobs. Our acrylic counter protectors can’t claim to protect you from a virus, but being behind a screen is going to limit the risks.
Pharmacy Counter Protectors
Plasticrafts can provide acrylic screens that will protect those behind the counter with bespoke cut outs for passing out medication and any other special features you need. We are experts in providing the best fitting and fixture solutions to work with your current counter set up, incurring a minimal cost to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
Supermarket Counter Protectors
Our acrylic screens are an economical, made-to-measure counter protector solution. Not only are they great quality and great value, but we make them right here in the UK. They can be retrofitted to your existing checkouts to provide a protective screen for your counter staff and your customers alike.
Food Counter Protectors
If you are operating a food service you will need to increase measures to protect the food, your staff and your customers. Our food counter protectors are already used by hundreds of shops, restaurants and cafés across the UK. Made from acrylic, they are an economical option to increase protection during these tough times and for the future.
Administrative Counter Protectors
Many of our valued key-workers are administrative staff dealing with customers, patients and family and friends of patients over a counter. Many doctors surgeries and hospitals already have protective screening in place, but if you don’t then we can help. We can make completely bespoke protective screens right here in the UK. They are made from quality acrylic and offer a fast, economic and effective solution to the issues we are currently facing.
Get in touch to find out more about our Counter Protectors
You can purchase our standard sneeze guards on the website here or email for a bespoke quote. The team at Plasticraft Displays wishes you all the best during these tough times.
Just to reiterate, we are not suggesting that a screen is going to offer complete protection from Covid-19 and other virus protection, but will make staff and customers feel more comfortable if they can avoid the risk of being sneezed or coughed on when at a counter. Social distancing must be practiced wherever possible and visits to shops and pharmacies should only be made when absolutely essential. Thank you.